Monday, October 20, 2008

Puppy Alley at Congress - Buyer Beware!

I attended the 2008 Quarter Horse Congress in order to buy an Australian Shepherd. Here is my story. I arrived Thursday - not many in puppy alley until Saturday. On Saturday, people and dogs arrived in hoardes. The cost to sell is $20 a head and the condition is they must have their shots and have been vet checked.

To my horror.....I soon realized this is a sellers haven for puppy mills. Many people brought numerous different breeds. The arrived in feed buckets and water buckets. Some did have cages. Many of the dogs were obviously sick. Many were passing their puppies off as purebreds when in fact they were an obvious cross. Very few had papers. No one I talked to with puppies had paperwork to guarantee hips/ eyes.

The people in charge of the event were very nice but there are not enough rules in place and each puppy should be inspected by a vet when they arrive.

I would like to warn anyone attending. If you want a purebred of any kind, go to a reputable breeder that can guarantee hips/ eyes and is a member of the AKC/CKC or any other reputable club. If you don't care about a purebred...go to your local Humane Society and rescue a puppy and in that way, you will know the health is guaranteed.

As a person who loves animals, it was a sickening experience. Please do what you can to stop puppy mills.